• Family Dinner Assignment Project

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                                                         Family Dinner


    Goal:   ….plan and prepare an entire meal for your family.

    Your assignment is to plan and prepare an entire family dinner.  You must help with the grocery shopping, make all the food and clean up the kitchen.  The information needed for writing up this assignment is below.  Choose a menu that will challenge you and one that shows your best abilities in cooking.  Example:  Spaghetti, Tossed Salad, French Bread, Beverages & maybe homemade dessert.


    DIRECTIONS:  Follow directions for each page given below for the written part of the assignment:  (must be in ink, neatly written, or use computer-make it look professional)


    10 pt.      Page 1:  On this cover sheet list your menu, your name and date.

    10 pt.      Page 2:  Describe how you made each menu or include a copy of


    10 pt.      Page 3:   Draw a correct table setting and describe what your

                   dining area looked like.  Describe napkin folds, centerpiece, place

                   mats, etc.

     5pt.        Page 4:   Make out a grade sheet for your family to grade you. 

                   Family member’s signatures required.  They must also write a

                   written comment about your meal.  This tells more than grades

                   given above.  The following are suggestions of what to include

                   in the grade sheet:

                            Nutrition                       Organization             Color

                         Table settings                   Taste                         Clean up

     5pt.       Page 5:  Grade yourself.  Include written statements about what 

                  you learned.  Tell about challenges, things you did great, things you

                  could improve.

    60pt.      Page 6:   Grocery Shopping & Costs

    A.     Have parent write a line that you did in fact go grocery


    B.     Now you write about what you learned doing the

    shopping and selecting the food.

    C.     Next calculate the cost for preparing this menu.  List all

    the ingredients used and what the cost is.  If you did have to buy a certain ingredient, then ask for help in estimating what it did cost.  Write about what this meal would have cost in a restaurant.  Give the total cost for preparing this meal.




    This Family Dinner project is due on            September 6th


    Ten (10) points will be deducted for each day late.
    My FamilyTree Project

    This project will help you to identify who you are as well as develop connections and relationships with your families.  This activity is created to be fun and to help you learn more about yourself. 

    • In order to be successful with this project there are a number of steps you must follow.

    _______Step One  Interview a family member on what they know about your family members, history, culture, where they are from, what they look like, etc…..


    _______Step Two  Write a reflection paper on what you learned and thought was interesting.  You will need to include the copy of your interview (questions asked with the answers).


    _______Step Three  Research using the internet one interesting topic you found out about your family you did not already know anything about.  This could be about a county/city/geographic location they are from, historical event they were a part off, living conditions, religion/holiday, social status, organization they were involved




    with, time period, occupation, etc.  Research topic & be prepared to create a poster with this research information.


    ­­______Step Four  Create a poster that is a visual about your research.  On this poster describe the person you based your research on.  Describe information you learned about your researched topic.  Provide pictures of this person and complete details about your topic.  Create this poster & present to the class in an oral presentation.


    ______Step Five  Create a family tree.  You are to come up with your own creative design to display you and your family.  You may use actual pictures of family members or pictures that represent them.  You choose how you want to make it look.  If you do use personal pictures make copies of the pictures because I am keeping the finished product and you will not get the pictures back!

    If you would like some examples of family trees you can go to www.google.comand

    click on images on the tool bar and type in family tree projects on the search engines and some former projects will come up.  This can help give you some ideas to help you get started.






    Due Date:_______________

    10 pts  will be deducted for each day  the project is late.

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