Family & Consumer Science                     
    Master Rule:  Teacher speaks, students are quiet!

    1.     Be on time for class. (from teams and other classes….otherwise you will need a note from that teacher)

    2.     Be “prepared” for class. (have materials each day for class)

    3.     Be “respectful” to others. (I will not tolerate anything less)

    4.     Take care of “classroom equipment” (All equipment is very costly….you can be written up for damaging equipment)

    5.     Listen/learn. (you’re here to learn…..)

    6.     Please sharpen pencils before class begins.

    7.     Assigned seats.  Take out materials, read board, begin assignment on board.

    8.     No one will leave the classroom without an agenda.

    9.     Bring your agenda to class daily.
    10. Students will not go back to lockers, team room, etc.
    11. No cell phones in the classroom


    Failure to follow rules


    1.      Verbal warning. ( I will speak no more than twice)

    2.      Citation (Bite)

    3.      Seat change.

    4.      Call home.

    5.      Office Referral

                   Exiting classroom

    1.     The teacher dismisses the class, not the bell or the clock!

    2.     Students before leaving the classroom will leave their area neat and in order.  Leave quietly.




Last Modified on July 25, 2017