• 6th Grade Math

    Welcome! Here is the curriculum map for this years' Henry County standards that will be covered: 6th Grade Henry County Math Standards The linked .pdf provides a brief overview of what skills 6th graders will be learning this year. 
    Supply list for our class:
    • Notebook - this can be either a 3-subject spiral notebook OR a tab with notebook paper in a binder that you use for other classes. 
    • Pencils - math is full of mistakes and it is so important that you have plently of pencils (with erasers!) on hand. 
    • A growth mindset - math can be a difficult subject for many people and it can be hard to make the choice to come to class with a good attitude. 



    I try to be as communicative as possible throughout the school year. I like to send classwide announcements through Google Classroom, so please ensure you check your math classroom daily. For student-specific information, I prefer to contact via phone calls and emails. I encourage 6th graders to utilize an agenda or some type of organizational system to keep track of important assignments, quizzes, tests, etc. I consider this part of communication as well. 




    Henry County grading policy states that 40% of the class grade will come from daily work, such as homework, practice work, etc, 40% will come from quizzes and tests, and 20% will come from the semester final and end-of-the-year final (combined). We will also have a separate behavior grade in the classroom. More information regarding these policies are in the Henry County Student Handbook that your child will receive the first week of school.