• First Grade, Second Grade, Third Grade, & Fourth Grade:  Students will have their progress monitored towards mastery of the standards using Standards Based Report Cards (SBRCs). The SBRC is designed to inform and provide more detailed and accurate feedback to parents regarding their child’s progress towards mastery of specific learning standards at their grade level.  Teachers will report student progress based on the documented evidence of academic performance for each nine week grading period.  Final grade level proficiency can only be determined at the end of the year.  The levels of progress a student may demonstrate during the course of the school year are defined as follows:
    0 = Critical Need; students are not making progress towards meeting the standard.
    1 = Emerging; students require additional support and interventions to achieve the standards.
    2 = Progressing; students are making progress towards but have not met the standard.
    3 = Meets; students have met the expected goals for the grading period.
    4 = Exceeds; student are beyond the expected level at that point in time relative to the standard. (Due to nature of some standards, it may not be possible to exceed).