• S. Studies  
    • Using Maps & Globes
      • SS1G2 Identify and locate the student’s city,
        county, state, nation (country), and continent
        on a simple map or a globe.
      • MGS2 Use intermediate directions.
      • MGS1 Use a compass rose to identify cardinal directions.
      • MGS7 Use a map to explain the impact of geography on historical and current events.
    • Features of the Earth Surface
      • SS1G3 Locate major topographical features of the earth’s surface.
    • Historical Figures
      • SS1H1 Read about and describe the life of historical figures in American history.
      • SS1G1 Describe how each historic figure in
      • SS1H1 display positive character traits such as: fairness, respect for others, respect for the
        environment, courage, equality, tolerance, perseverance, and commitment.
    • Patriotism
      • SS1CG2 Explore the concept of patriotism through the words in the songs America (My
        Country ‘Tis of Thee) and America the Beautiful (for example brotherhood, liberty, freedom, pride, etc.).
    • Producers, Consumers, Goods, and Services
      • SS1E1 Identify goods that people make and
        services that people provide for each other.
      • SS1E3 Describe how people are both producers
        and consumers.
      • SS1E4 Explain that people earn income by
        working and that they must make choices
        about how much to save and spend.