• World Languages Rosetta Stone Pilot Program
    The World Languages Department is experiencing great success with the Rosetta Stone Pilot Program in a Blended Learning environment at 10 schools in the school district. Our hope is to expand this program to all World Languages Programs in the near future. Blended Learning and Personalized Learning are highlighted through the Rosetta Stone Pilot. One example of great application of Blended Learning and Personalized Learning are the results with our Rosetta Stone Champions such as one of our Seniors from Woodland High School who has completed all of the Rosetta Stone Levels in the Spanish Program in less than two years, is working on level 2 French with the support of outstanding World Language teachers who collaborate to ensure the success of each student.
    The results, for this student, and many of our Rosetta Stones students are that they are able to use the language outside the classroom and communicate effectively in more than one language.
    In addition to this, our students are developing global competencies as they learn more about other cultures and perspectives. Rosetta Stone is highly impressed with our students’ success and as a result, in the month of August 2016, conducted an interview with Sra. Glenda Torres of Woodland High School and one of her outstanding students on the key to their success with the Rosetta Stone Program.
    This August our department had the honor of welcoming Mrs. Marty Abbott, Executive Director for the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) who visited our Rosetta Stone Programs at Union Grove High School and Woodland High School and was highly impressed with the great work of our teachers and students. Mrs. Abbott shared with our students the importance of learning languages and cultures and congratulated them on the outstanding work taking in place in World Languages in Henry County Schools.
    Congratulations to all our 2015-2017 Rosetta Stone Champions. We look forward to many more champions this school year.
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