Thank you to ALL the students who came out and auditioned for the Ola Maestro Chorus.  I WISH I could take EVERYONE who auditioned. It was a difficult decision. You were very brave to share with me your vioce and I commend you for that. As you know there are only 50 slot available and I had 86 try out. If you did not make it past the audition, please know that I AM SO PROUD of YOU for coming out to let me hear you!! This does NOT mean I don’t think you can sing! I am looking at blending voice tones or sounds and I am excited that we still get to experience music together throughout the year in music class!
    I’ll see you there!


    Below is the list of the students who will be a part of the 2019-202 Ola Maestro Chorus. Our FIRST REHEARSAL is Wednesday , Sept. 4th from 2:30 – 3:45!! Please look for a follow up email. I am so proud of you!

    Alura Jabiru
    Aaliyah Benjamin
    Addi Hinchey
    Addison McKneely
    Aliyah Allen
    Aubrey Farmer
    Autumn Austin
    Ava Clark
    Braelyn McGinty
    Brailey Justus
    Cailyn Lloyd
    Carly Bartley
    Caroline Hankins
    Carrie Furgerson
    Cooper Schweikart
    Coralyne Durden
    Faith Henderson
    Giselle Bailey
    Jaden Eason
    Jaeci Collins
    Jamaya Ardis
    Jo Jo Neidlinger
    Jordan Owen
    Kylie Sprayberry
    Lailah Kelly
    Lawson Pace
    Lilly Maneol
    Lily Cavin
    Lydia May
    Lyric Chambers
    Madison Bartlett
    Makayla Goodwin
    Marley Felix
    McKenzie Ernest
    Mikayla Thomas
    Molly Bonner
    Nia Booker
    Nyla Guerrero
    Ochuwa Idaewor
    Olivia Berry
    Payton Sweat
    Penelope Peterson
    Reagan Witten
    Rylee Whitlock
    Rylie Witten
    Sadie Kinkade
    Shane Sar
    Skyler Wells
    Sofia Alderfer
    Taylor Williams
    Victoria Castillo
    Zella Kubnick