In order to be successful in class, it is important that students are prepared for class and are ready to learn everyday.  For math class students will need the following items:
       *  7 thin spiral notebooks.   One for each unit you will study this year.   Only bring one notebook for the first day of school.
       * pencils with erasers
       * colored pencils or markers or crayons
       * earbuds - not ear phones
       * CHARGED Chrome Books should be brought to class daily.
       * two Expo markers
       * one permanent marker
       * two glue stick
       * pocket tissues
    Students are most welcome to leave a gallon baggy or pencil case with their basic supplies in the classroom filing cabinet for use in class everyday.  Many students find this convenient for they do not have to carry these items from class to class each day and it ensures that they are always be prepared for math class.   Remember to put your name on your baggy or pencil case in permanent marker.
    Students are required to carry thier electronic equiptment from class to class.
    Per the administration, students must keep their cell phones in their lockers turned off during the day.  Cell phones may not be used in class at any time.  Parent student contacts may be made through the main office.
Last Modified on July 26, 2018