Here is a list of resources for your child to access over the internet.  I understand that many children to not have an endless stock of books at home, By accessing these websites, your child can read anytime and pursue a lifelong love of reading!


    Storyline Online: FREE



    Starfall: FREE http://www.starfall.com/


    Book Adventure: FREE



    Into the Book: FREE



    Toddlers/Preschool: FREE



    Epic: $$

    Epic is the largest digital library of fiction and non-fiction texts. It is actually referred to as a children’s version of Netflix. J  As a teacher, you can create individual student profiles by student interests and track progress through reading logs. Epic is available on iPads, Iphone, and on computers/desktops. The best part?!? IT IS 100% FREE for educators! If you go to their website, they even have letters to send home to parents, Powerpoint presentations explaining Epic to the parents, etc. The only downfall of Epic is that it isn’t free for the parents/students at home. The monthly cost of Epic is $4.99; however, you may be eligible for two free months.