Mrs. Rogers’ & Mrs. Strenth's Behavior Plan 


    In our classroom we take a positive approach to behavior.  It is the expectation of our class and school that all of our students be on their best behavior so that every student can learn and succeed in the classroom.  We have established a plan in order to maintain this type of learning environment and “PAW”gress.

    There is an in-class behavioral chart set up so that the child can see daily how their behavior is ranking throughout the day and take accountability for their actions. The rankings on the chart are as follows; OWL-Standing for a super fabulous day, WISE Choices for a great day with a few hiccups, Look Whoooo’s Ready to Learn; which is where all students start their day, OWL try Harder for those who have hit a bit of a rough patch with obeying the rules, and Not a WISE Choice which means we now have to make contact to our parents to discuss strategies for improving our choices throughout the day.

     Students can earn Wildcat Paws.  These Paws can be earned for good behavior, attendance, and completing homework. Each student will need to earn 50 Paws to go to the first Wildcat Fest and 75 to go to the 2nd and 3rd Wildcat Fest.  Wildcat Fest is a celebration that occurs during the school day to reward students for good behavior. 

    Students can also be “Caught being good” with our owl chart.  Each student will start at the bottom of the tree and can work their way up.  Once a teacher notices good behavior they will move up to the next branch of the tree.  Once a student reaches the top of the tree, they will be rewarded with a small prize.  Each student will work to move their name up to the next branch until they reach their prize (they will not have to start over every day). 

    If for some reason these positive approaches are not working, there are some other options.  Students may get a note or phone call home, receive silent lunch, or visit another classroom until they get their behavior back on track. If these options occur, it will be as follows: 

    1.   Students will be given a verbal warning with a max of 2 times. 

    2.    If the behavior continues, the student will be given silent lunch (if the behavior occurs before lunch) and/or receive a note home (if the behavior occurs after lunch). 

    3.    If the behavior still continues a classdojo message will be sent to the parent and/or the student may visit another class in order to help correct the behavior. 

     4.    If negative behavior continues even after these attempts, an office referral can be made.  These options do not occur often, but are in place if needed. 

    Feel free to contact me if there are any questions or concerns that you have! We look forward to a great school year full of OWL-tastic learning and fun.

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