• Welcome to Fourth Grade at Tussahaw Elementary


    Dear Parents,

             I would like to take the opportunity to extend my warmest welcome to what is going to be a great year here at Tussahaw. Our school is great and I am proud to be here.  I've been at Tussahaw since 2014,  and I am so excited that your child is going to be in my class this year. It is my mission to develop a partnership with you so that we may work together to provide the best Fourth Grade experience for you and your child.

     Let me tell you a little about myself!

            My name is Beverly Elder. My hobbies are reading, exercising, puzzles, cosmetology, and walking up Stone Mountain.

             This year is going to be great because I know we can work together as a team to help your child be a success in Fourth Grade. I encourage you to communicate with me when you need to. I can be reached by email at Beverly.elder@henry.k12.ga.us or leave a message with the school at 770-957-0164. You can also send in a note if need to contact me. I will do my best to reply in a timely manner. 

     Let’s make this  school year great by working together!


     Beverly Elder, M.A

    4th Grade Lead Teacher

    Tussahaw Elementary

    “Where every child is worth the best.”