• Dear Parents,

    New Hope Elementary offers a Beginning Band. This year it is open to interested students in 4th and 5th grade. I am excited about this opportunity to further develop the students’ musical skills and appreciation for the arts. We will practice Monday through Thursday mornings from 7:10 – 7:40 am beginning Monday, November 9th.  I believe this also provides a solid foundation for students interested in continuing band through middle and high school. This is an opportunity that is only extended at 2 elementary schools in Henry County and very few elementary schools in the state of Georgia. 

    Performances will look much different this year. Please plan for virtual performances with a hopeful return to in-person performances as circumstances may allow at some point in the year. Flexibility and fluidity will play a huge role in all school activities this year as you are aware. An audition is not required. However, regular music class participation and behavior will be used as determining factors in acceptance and continued participation in chorus.

    Social distancing will be practiced. We will rehearse in the cafeteria to allow 6 feet between students. This will limit the number of in-person participants. Please carefully read the requirements and expectations for participation in band. Feel free to email me with any remaining questions. christina.bailey@henry.k12.ga.us

    Students will need to provide their own instrument, music stand and book. Due to the late start and the current restrictions, band students will play recorders and percussion instruments only this year. While we are utilizing recorders in the general music classroom, band students will participate in more advanced studies and a more intensive curriculum. All students will be afforded the opportunity to play percussion (drum pads and auxiliary instruments such as triangle, shaker and xylophones), as well as the recorder.

    Please complete the Google Form found here to register your student, if they are interested in joining us this year. 


    Thank you,

    Christy Bailey