• Welcome to John Travis's Home Page
    Teacher Name:  John Travis
    School Email Address: john.travis@henry.k12.ga.us
    Classroom:  113
    Subjects I Teach: AP Capstone, AP Macroeconomics, AP US Government, Economics, & US Government
    Google Meet Codes: [Use your student account]
      -1st Period (AP Seminar & Research):  APCapstone
     -2nd Period (US Government): TravisGOV2
      -3rd Period (AP US Gov): MacroGov
      -4th Period (Economics): TravisGOV4
      -5th Period (Economics): TravisGOV5
      -6th Period (Advisory): TravisAdvisory 
      -7th Period (Economics): TravisECON7
      -8th Period (AP US Gov): MacroGov
    Google Classroom Codes:
      -1st Period: (AP Seminar and Research): tdqur7t
      -2nd Period: (US Gov) qagsptf 
      -3rd Period: (AP US Gov) qzgl474
      -4th Period: (US Gov) qagsptf
      -5th Period: (US Gov) qagsptf
      -6th Period: (Advisory) e2xhgf4
      -7th Period: (US Gov) qagsptf
      -8th Period (AP US Gov): qzgl474
    Remind Lists:
      -1st Period (AP Capstone): Text @lhs22cap to 81010 
      -2nd Period (US Gov): Text @3gf9fk to 81010
      -3rd Period (AP US Gov):  Text @b3fe6k to 81010 
      -4th Period (US Gov):  Text @3gf9fk to 81010
      -5th Period (US Gov): Text @3gf9fk to 81010
      -6th Period (US Gov):  Text @3gf9fk to 81010
      -7th Period (US Gov):  Text @3gf9fk to 81010
      -8th Period (AP US Gov): Text @b3fe6k to 81010 
    Tutorials:  Monday 3:30-4:30, or by appointment.
    Extracurricular Activities:  Model United Nations, FBLA, Personal Finance Challenge, and ECON Challenge
    Welcome to the Lions' Den and my classroom.  My philosophy on education is that every student has the ability to achieve academically, and my philosophy on Economics is that free and honest exchange always yields a positive benefit to both parties.  I'm happy to have you here as a part of the team.
    Mr. Travis