library books   ***DUE TO SYSTEM GLITCH, THE FIRST 9 WEEKS AR GOAL WILL NOT BE FACTORED IN. THE GOAL FOR THE YEAR IS                                                                                                                    50 POINTS! WE WILL BE READING AR BOOKS IN CLASS TO HELP US MEET OUR GOAL!
      In First grade, students have a 50 point yearly AR goal. At the end of each of the 4 nine-week grading periods, the Media Center will have an incentive party to recognize students who have completed 25% of their yearly goal!
      Our class goals will be broken down as follows:
      1st Nine Weeks--12,5 points
      2nd Nine Weeks--12.5 poin
      3rd Nine Weeks--12.5 points
      4th Nine Weeks--12,5 points
      This will give us an annual total of 50 points. 
      AR Quizzes

      You can check to see if there is a quiz on your book here.

Last Modified on December 16, 2018