Gifted Education Program


    Gifted Evaluation Process - What is involved in the process of identifying students for gifted placement?

    Online referral for consideration for Gifted Testing -


    Complete this form to refer a student for testing in the gifted department.


    Please use the link above to refer your child for Gifted Testing.  Please note that filling out the form does not guarantee that your child will be tested.  Filling out the form will submit your child’s name and information to the Gifted Eligibility Team.  The Gifted Eligibility Team will then examine and evaluate the data available on each referral in order to determine if testing is warranted and appropriate. 

    The following links may be helpful to answer your questions about giftedness and gifted education.

    How to Spot a Gifted Student.  http://www.teachersfirst.com/gifted_spot.cfm

    "Bright Learners vs. Gifted Learners Checklist - http://giftedkids.about.com/od/gifted101/l/bright_gifted.htm


    If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to contact Dr. Teresa Bonner at Teresa.Bonner@henry.k12.ga.us. More information can be found on the Henry County Gifted and Talented Web Page.


    Gifted Placement Criteria Description

    To be eligible for gifted education services, a student must either (a) score at the 99th percentile (for grades K-2) or the 96th percentile (for grades 3-12) on the composite or full scale score of a standardized test of mental ability and meeting of the achievement criteria described below, or (b) qualify through a multiple-criteria assessment process by meeting the criteria on any three of the following four areas: mental ability 96% (intelligence),  achievement 90%, creativity 90%, and motivation 90%.