• Welcome to Mrs. Miller's Web Page
    Teacher Name:  Mary Miller
    School Email Address: mary.miller@henry.k12.ga.us
    Subjects I Teach:  Music

    Dear Parents and Students,

    Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year!  It is an exciting time for teachers as well as students as we begin our work to ensure a successful and rewarding year.

    My name is Mary Miller and I am excited to begin my fourth year as the music teacher at Pate’s Creek Elementary School!  I have 26 years of teaching experience, with the past 18 in Henry County Schools.  I look forward to teaching a subject that can affect children in many positive ways.  Music, and involvement in music, gives an added dimension to our lives and has been proven to enhance learning in many academic areas.  Musical activities also reinforce developmental skills such as fine motor coordination, hand-eye coordination, reading, and small/large group cooperation, participation, and performance.

    Musical instruction will be delivered every other week, alternating with visual art.  Instruction centers on the five basic components of music:  Melody, Harmony, Rhythm, Form, and Texture.  The curriculum will include a variety of activities including singing, moving, reading basic notation and rhythms, ensemble playing using rhythm/Orff/boomwhacker/recorder instruments while learning simple performance skills.  So that optimum learning can take place, I ask students to follow these basic rules:

    ·         Follow directions and classroom procedures

    ·         Respect each other and our school’s musical equipment/instruments

    ·         Participate in all activities to the best of your abilities

    Music grades will be earned based on demonstration of concepts taught, adherence to classroom rules, and participation in all activities.

    I look forward to teaching every PCE student this year as we “move on down the musical road”!