• hornetHMS Dress Code Specifics

    The entire dress code for Henry County Secondary Schools can be found in the 2015-16 Student & Parent Handbook.

     Please read below  the specifications for Hampton Middle School.

    1. Extreme Hair Styles– Hair should be natural colors and styles should not cause a disruption of the learning environment. No MOHAWKS, words/numbers/designs cut into the hair.


    2. Extreme Styles of Clothing– All pants (including skinny jeans) and skirts shall be worn at the waist at all times. Pants and jeans with splits, frays (that show skin) or holes above the knees should not be worn; cloth patches are acceptable. No jeggings or spandex pants/skirts.

    3. Hats, caps, scarves, nets, or any object  should not be worn during the school day. This includes bands on the forehead and bandanas.  (Unless otherwise noted by the principal).

    4. Shorts, skirts, split skirts, or dresses must be no more than three inches above the knee (front and back) including high low dresses. (This includes with leggings or shorts underneath.) We do not have a fingertip length rule.

    5.  See-through clothing, bare shoulders, bare midriffs, spaghetti straps, halters, or tank tops should not be worn as a primary shirt. Covering with a jacket is not sufficient. Shirts tied in  back, lace backs, or open backs should not show skin.  Cleavage area should be covered at all times.

    6. Pajama bottoms/lounging wear/house slippers/shower shoes/flip-flops/athletic slides (beach/regular) are prohibited.  Unless noted by the principal.

    7.  Backpacks/bags are prohibited in the classrooms, hallways, and restrooms (including connections and commons area). This includes drawstring bags, tote bags and large purses. (If a composition book will fit in it, it cannot be carried.)

    8.  Shades or non-prescription glasses are not allowed.


    In -School Suspension


    In-School Suspension (ISS) is a consequence for inappropriate behavior and dress code violations. Learners are isolated from their peers. Facilitators issue assignments that are also completed in the classroom. Connection facilitators assign work in ISS related to their subject.

    Learners assigned to ISS must complete all assignments before being dismissed regardless of the number of days assigned.


    Academics is our focus; please concentrate on being the  BEST in everything at all times.


Last Modified on September 10, 2015