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    2018-2019 Volleyball Team

    7th grade

    No One FIghts Alone

    8th Grade:

     Marianna Morris (S/RS)

    Destiny Stewart (OS)

    Shyanne Clevenger (DS)

    Shelly Terry (Middle)

    Cheyenne Godfrey (RS/S)

    Hallie Brandon (DS)

    Saniya Georges (OS)

    Talya Walker (Middle)

    Maddie Brady (Libero) 

     Gracie Hinton

    Jada Howard
















     7th Grade:

     Olivia Taylor (OS)

    Essence Respress (OS)

    Denver Watkins (S)

    Autumn Sheppard (M)

    Ayana McNeil-Spencer

    Kaylen Hutchins (RS)

    Bethany Cahoon (DS)

    Tenayah Boyd (DS)

    Emily Anderson (DS)

    Evelyn Servin-Perez (Libero)

    Brianna Berryhill
















    Jayla Logan

    Lyric Rutherford

    Stephanie Maynard

    Naomi Pope

    Reilly Chandler

    Gage Bailey





















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