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    Contact info:
    Phone Number: (770)-898-9822
    The best and quickest way to contact me is by my school e-mail address. Please allow me 24 hours to reply.
    Subjects for 2019-2020
    World Geography                
    American Government
    AP United States Government and Politics
    Model United Nations
    Advisory Reflection Goal setting
    Smart Goal Developer
    COVID-19 ***********REMOTE LEARNING ************************
    Because of Henry County's initiative, we will meet via Google Meets during our periods at:
    We will still work out of Schoology.  Please make sure you have access to your account.  www.schoology.com

    Access Code

    I also made a short video or tutorial as to what we will be doing this week 03/16/2020 as to what assignments are due.  I will see all of you in class!








    Google Meet Information and Expectations

    During this time of remote learning, you will have the opportunity to interact with me via Google Meet. Here are the expectations when you join:


    1. Use the following link to access Google Meet: drsmithlhsgov


    1. During the last 30 minutes of every period, you will have access to the meet for tutorial purposes and questions

    2. Please be dressed appropriately when accessing the meeting

    3. Please be in an appropriate location when accessing the meeting

    4. You may use the chat feature during the meet, but please use appropriate language during the meeting

    5. When you enter the meet, your microphone will be muted, and please leave it muted unless you have a question

    6. Please be respectful of each other during the meeting 

    7. The meeting will be recorded and be available for playback later for your review

    8. Please contact me via Remind if you are having issues joining the meet