Dr. Vaneisa D. Benjamin, Principal



    Welcome to 2021-2022! Here at Fairview we are committed, dedicated, and motivated to provide your child a quality education that is enriched with care, sprinkled with love, and stamped with the ensurance that we seek the best education for your child.  Elementary school is the start, the foundation. If we work together, parent, teacher, student, and community, we can see success with all of our students. It can't just rest with the school, and it certainly cannot be the responsiblity of the home alone, in order to prepare our students to lead. It is all parties together. We are going to work hard, remediate, assess, ensure understaning through formative assessments, small group work, student led conferencing, keeping student records up-to-date and providing an enriching project-based environment that incorporates the ideas supporting art-based learning that is culturally enriching, yet thought-provoking, leading to rich discussions and creative thought .We will also keep a keen eye on the social/emotional develpment of each child and continue our work in Second Step/Social Emotional streaming and other class sessions that enrich our students. Our Counselors and new school-based Mental Health leader will lead activites in school and serve as immediate resources to support our students.  

    Teanwork really does make the dream work!


     This is my 12th year as Principal of Fairview Elementary. My undergraduate degree is from Spelman College in Computer Science with a Business Administration minor, and I have a Master's degree from Atlanta University in Computer Science. I obtained additional studies in order to complete my education requirement in first, Middle Grades Education and later Elementary Education. I have a Master's degree in Educational Leadership from Troy State University, a Specialist, and Doctoral degree in Educational Leadership and Supervision from Clark Atlanta University. Yes, I love learning!

      When I am away from school I love watching the ocean, traveling, touring different places, learning new things, Broadway plays, and watching basketball. I am the proud mother of two adult sons who both got their educational start at Fairview Elementary. 

                                " In times when you are most challenged in life, maintain a balcony mindset! Allow nothing, or no one  to ever drag you down to the basement!"

    Can't wait to see old friends and meet new ones! Welcome back!!!


    Dr. Vaneisa Davis Benjamin, Principal