• Welcome!  

    Hello parents/Guardians,

    Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year. I am excited and energetic to be your child's health and physical education specialist this school year. I have been teaching for more than 34 years, and extremely excited to implement a dynamic physical education program that will focus on physical activity and healthy habits.

    My expertise lies in different areas of education, and I have established certification in other areas besides teaching.  I currently hold a bachelor's degree in Health and Physical Education (Pk-12th); Master's degree in Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment; Specialist in School Counseling (certification); license as a Georgia Master Cosmetology; Zumba Gold instructor Kids/Adults; and a certification as a CPR/AED Instructor. I also, have experience as a special education teacher.

    Since I have taught physical education for many years at Hampton Elementary School. I have achieved the following titles such as: The Afterschool Enrichment Coordinator and Assistant Coordinator, Kids Heart Challenge Coordinator, HES-Cheer and Basketball coach, Health and Wellness Coordinator, NFL Play 60 Coordinator, Alliance for A Healthier Generation Coordinator, Teacher of the Year 2001-2002, First Down for Fitness Teacher of the Year, Atlanta Falcons NFL Coordinator of the Year, March of  Dimes Coordinator, Relay for Life Coordinator, Yearbook Coordinator, the American Red Cross Coordinator of the Year, and we have received a host of grants from various organizations to promote healthy habits within our school and community.

    This year my objective for physical education is to explore a variety of physical activities that will educate students on how to strengthen and improve their physical fitness and stamina. My mission is to develop physical activities that will significantly and positively impact our students to utilize the 4C’s of education (Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity).  

     My Goals are to implement a physical education curriculum that will:

    Provide Maximum Physical Activity Time within the gym and virtually

    Perform moderate to vigorous activities for at least half of the class period.

    Teach Skills and Activities That Transfer into Physical Activity Outside of Physical Education Class. Implement a physical education program that will focus on a variety skill, students will need to participate in physical activity outside of the physical education class, and skills they will need for a lifetime of physical activity.

    Motivate Students to Be Active

    Encourage and motivate students to be active utilizing Lets’ Move Active Schools, Alliance for A Healthier Generation, NFL Play 60, Kids Heart Challenge, Action for Healthy Kids and the Marathon Kids Running/Walking Club.

    Promoting Community Activities

    Promotional materials, literature, Web sites suggestions, or newspaper announcements will be sent home monthly to promote physical activity and healthy nutrition.

    Homework and “Home Fun”

    Play 60 Game Planner will be sent home for parents and students to record daily physical activities for 60 minutes.

     Praise for Participation

    Promoting physical activity outside of school by giving students a word of encouragement and asking students weekly if they were active.

    Leading by Example

    To motivate students to stay active, I will occasionally share with the students how physical activity fits into my life.

    Play a Leadership Role in the Development of the School Physical Activity Program

    Help students, parents, staff, and community develop healthy behaviors.

    Develop a Wellness advisory.

    Create an effective recess curriculum that involves a variety of physical activity.

    Serving as a resource person for classroom teachers to promote physical activity during recess.

    Organizing school wide physical activity experiences

    Planning school wide activities such as field day, fun runs, a walking program, and morning exercise breaks.

    Encouraging fund-raisers that promotes:

    1. Physical activity (e.g., Kids Heart Challenge, Walk for Diabetes, St. Jude’s Walk, ect).
    2. Physical activity clubs, before, during and after-school such as jump rope, walking, dance, jumping jack club, and intramural sports.

    If you have any further questions, pertaining to our physical education curriculum or your child’s progress in PE, please email mwatkins@henry.k12.ga.us


    Thanks for your continued support,

    Coach Watkins