• Teacher Name:Dr. Rodgers

    School Email Address: barbara.rodgers@henry.k12.ga.us
    Subject:   Math
    Hello and Welcome to the World of 7th grade!
    In Math our concepts are broken down into Domains. The domains are Number and Operations, Data Analysis and Probability, Algebra, and Geometry. 
    PARENTS, encourage your child to read and study nightly. Take the time to go over homework with your child. To help ensure success,
    it 's vital that you are our partner in educating your child.
    Your child success is measured by how well he or she masters these skills.
    We are moving into personalized learning. Below is the playlist for the students.

    UNIT 5 (Inference) and UNIT 6 (Probability)


    ______ Population vs Sample – Take Notes- (click HERE)                                                            

    ______ Population and Sample Practice (Turn in - Worksheet click HERE)  

    ______ Population and Sample Practice (Turn in - Part 2 – Identifying Population and Sample)

    ________ Is it a bias sample or unbiased sample? – Take Notes - (click HERE)

    ______ Bias or Unbiased Worksheet (Turn in)

    ______ Time to Survey!! (Partner activity)

    ______ Measures of Centers – Take Notes - (click VIDEO 1 and VIDEO 2)

    ______ Measures of Variation – take notes – (click VIDEO 1 and VIDEO 2 )

    ______ Measures of Centers (Worksheet 1)

    ______ Box and Whisker (Worksheet 2)

    ______ Measures of Centers and Measure of Variation (Worksheet 3)

    ______ Measure of Centers and Measure of Variation Activity

    ______ Mean Absolute Deviation (see Mrs. Hannah)

    ______ Unit 5 and Unit 6 Assessment!!!