Our School Mission:

    Motivate. Challenge. Empower.

    Our School Vision:

    Mt. Carmel Elementary School's vision is to personalize student learning through authentic, collaborative, and empowering student experiences to cultivate 21st Century-ready learners who are college, career, and life ready.

    Our Core Beliefs:

    Mustange P.R.I.D.E.

    Positive relationships are a priority.

    If we invest in one another in a positive way, we will likewise take care of the world.

    Respect promotes openness and balance.

    We are inclusive and collaborative. Stakeholders with diverse backgrounds and abilities are welcomed into our school culture, are encouraged to contribute to the development of our school culture, and help to promote growth within our community.

    Intentionality is key.

    From planning and learning to playing and celebrating, all things have great purpose in our school.

    Dedicated to the Future.

    Our future is closer than we think; in fact, our future is in our classrooms. All stakeholders in our school are dedicated to a bright and healthy future by making positive and deliberate investments into today.

    Every day is important.

    Every moment is important. A few minutes late to school is a missed opportunity for learning and leading that will never be regained. A day away from school is a day away from the pathway to college and career success. Time is life, and wasted time is wasted life, and the missed opportunity for that spark that might ignite a child on a trajectory towards brilliance.