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    ***Parent Lunch Visits – NEW for 2019-20 School Year***

    Parents are welcomed to come join their children for lunch at MCE. In order to guarantee that you have a positive dining experience with your child, please adhere to the following guidelines:

    1. As always, check in with the front office and secure a visitor’s pass.
    2. Know your child’s lunch time and try to arrive at the same time.
    3. The parent/child dining area will be in front of the Learning Commons this school year. This is to provide you with a quiet and positive dining experience, as well as to ensure that we are maintain a safe and secure environment in a large-capacity environment such as the cafeteria.
    4. The front office will notify monitors or classroom teachers so that your child can join you in the designated parent dining area.
    5. When dining with your child, please dine with your child only, as friends of your children should not join your child so that adequate seating remains for other parents and their children.
    6. If you are bringing cupcakes, snacks, treats, etc., that you wish to share with your child’s classmates, please e-mail the teacher in advance of this to find out if any students have food allergies that may be triggered by the treats.
    7. Cupcakes or class treats to be shared can be brought to the cafeteria during the last ten minutes of the class’s lunch period.
    8. When finished dining, allow your child to return to his/her class line and they will return to class as normal. Please do not escort your child back to the classroom. Should you wish to arrange for a class visit, please review the “Mt. Carmel Classroom Visitation Procedures” protocol delivered in the first take-home packet of the school year.