• WelcomeCongratulations! Welcome to 5th grade! Greetings to all my parents and awesome All-Stars! It is such an electrifying time to be in 5th grade as your child is becoming more aware and connected to his/her scholastic and social-emotional capabilities. My name is Mrs. Chelsea Johnson, and I am elated to be your 5th Grade Teacher. This will be my 7th year in education and 2nd year of teaching. I obtained a Bachelor’s degree from Georgia State University and a Master’s degree from Argosy University. I’m excited to continue the journey with your amazing All-Star! This year your child will sharpen the skills that he/she has already acquired as well as explore and gain new competencies across the Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science content areas. I aim to provide excellence and the best learning experience possible for your child by exposing him/her to real-time and real-life elements that align with the Georgia Standards of Excellence framework. I believe in fostering creativity, critical thinking skills and student engagement while cultivating a safe, positive learning atmosphere.

    As we embark upon a remarkable year of learning, fun and achievement, I ask that you would communicate any questions, thoughts or concerns throughout the school year. This will help ensure student progress and achievement. You may contact me via: Class Dojo, email: chelsea.johnson@henry.k12.ga.us, or by phone. Again, welcome to Mrs. Johnson’s 5th Grade All-Star class where we follow WLE’s words of truth: “Every day is a great day to learn something new!”

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