• The Woodland 100

    Est. 2019 Woodland High School


    The purpose of The Woodland 100 is to:

    • strive to make at least 100 young men world-class leaders at Woodland High School.
    • promote and foster academic enrichment and community outreach
    • promote-self-discipline and confidence
    • promote appropriate dress and business attire
    • teach young men how to complete service projects
    • build a career portfolio and resume for college and/or the work place


    By providing these services to our young men, it is the goal that the following will occur:

    • Minimize the number of young men in ISS and OSS
    • Minimize conflicts around school
    • The creation of a brotherhood at WHS with all male students
    • Increased attendance and academic achievement
    • Concentration of career and education goal initiatives
    • Provide networking opportunities for young men to connect with businesses
    • Create a relationship with the youth in the Woodland cluster.