• Teacher




    My Philosophy of Education


    I believe in creating a learning environment that makes students feel comfortable and welcome. It is important that students have consistency and structure. Therefore, expectations and rules will be evident and very clear. I make my students feel safe and they can talk to me about anything. It is my personal belief that EVERY child is capable of learning and WILL learn. There are many ways to reach students and I feel that it is my duty to find how each student best learns so that learning for every student is optimized.  Every day in my class is a celebration because each child goes home learning something that they didn’t know the day before. Students are praised for both big and small accomplishments. Students learn as individuals and they work and learn together. We are a team in 1st grade. I believe that teamwork makes the dream work. So, I will work with parents, students, and myself to ensure that the dream of success is achieved!


    I believe that it is my job, as an educator to love my students. I hope to show my students that I believe in them. Building relationships with both students and parents is essential for students' success. I believe in challenging each student with engaging and purposeful learning. I desire to create critical thinkers capable of problem solving in and outside of school. I will do whatever it takes to instill a passion for learning within each child. Teamwork truly makes the dream work!