• 4th & 5th Grade



    We are proud to announce our participation in the county basketball tournament this school year.  To help cheer on our team, we’d like to create a cheerleading team. 

    In order to try out, students must be able to attend, as well as provide their own transportation, to the tournament happening the weekend of May 11th-12th at Luella Middle School.  There will also be scrimmage games where we would cheer also but those dates are unknown at this time. 


    Tryouts will be the week of March 25th.  Please learn the cheer in this video for your tryouts: https://safeshare.tv/x/vy4Qq6NlYnw#edit


    Students who are interested in the cheer squad should fill out the bottom portion of this letter and return it to the office no later than Wednesday, March 20th.   



    My child, ________________________, is interested in trying out for the cheerleading team.  I understand my child will have to learn a cheer, try-out, and be accepted on to the team. 


    ___________________________                     _____________________________

    Parent Signature                                                    Student’s Homeroom