Degrees and Certifications:

C.I.E Teacher and Staff Lighthouse Team

The purpose of the Lighthouse Team is to promote The Leader in Me model inside the school so that it stays strong and vibrant year after year. They are called the Lighthouse Team because they coordinate the school-wide work needed to achieve and maintain Lighthouse status.


Lighthouse Team Members


Name                                 Position             Role

Brandy Smith                         K

Tiffany Tullis-Johnson       1st grade 

Megan Burroughs             2nd grade

Eileen Butts                       3rd grade

Sahara Jordan                   4th grade

Shannon Branscomb         5th grade

Bonita Adams                    Gifted

Cristy Morril                      EBD

Jamette Etchison             AUGC 3-5

Amy Hembree                  EIP

Dalili Brown                     Counselor

Heidi Long                        Music/specials


Responsibilities of the Lighthouse Team

1- Make sure new staff is trained and has understanding of the 7 Habits.

2- Provide ongoing staff devlopment around Leader in Me.

3- Own the School-wide Implementation Plan.