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     Teacher Name: Lori Vincent

    School Email Address: lori.vincent@henry.k12.ga.us 



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    AP Language & Composition               1, 2, 6, & 7                Link to Google Meet embedded in Google Classroom 

    Writers Workshop                                5                               Link to Google Meet embedded in Google Classroom 



    We LOVE books in our classroom... we have a phenomenal library, but classroom libraries serve a different purpose. Students continually ask for new titles. If you come across a gift card to a book store, consider donating it or using it to purchase one from our wish list. If you happen to see something on our wish list, consider purchasing and donating it to our classroom. If you feel like purchasing me a gift for a holiday or my birthday or an appreciation event, consider donating a book from our wish list
    According to Dr. Davis, superintendent of Henry County Schools, literacy is a civl right. Leaders are readers. Citizens of the world are readers. Mustangs are readers. In AP Language, every student is expected to read a minimum of two hours per week. Parents and students can find more information in the parent letter here
    AP Language Comparative Reading (semester-long reading) Resources: