• Who we are as a Community of Learners

    Updated July 2019





    Equipping all Learners for the 21st Century



    Ola High School will guide and support each student through meaningful learning opportunities so they are prepared to be a productive member of our global society.


    Ola High School believes...



    • all students can learn and achieve regardless of their background or prior performance.
    • in fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect among all members of the Ola school and community.
    • in expecting all students and staff to achieve their maximum potential for success while demonstrating caring, integrity and professionalism.
    • in establishing and maintaining a safe environment at all times.
    • in communicating openly among the faculty, staff, parents, and community.
    • in striving to achieve a sense of pride in our community through positive interactions.


Last Modified on July 12, 2019