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    Greetings Parents and Students... Welcome to the World of Chorus!!!

    We are looking forward to an exciting year as we hope to create enthusiasm about the choral program at Stockbridge! In order for our choir to sound its best, each of us needs to contribute to the best of our ability. The goals, expectations, and procedures outlined below will allow us to reach our potential.


    Distinguish and apply unison and part singing in an ensemble.

    Recognize and use standard musical terms and markings within the choral repertoire.

    Recognize and apply proper vocal techniques. Head/Chest voice, tone quality, intonation, diction, phrasing, and care of the voice.

    Demonstrate awareness of and tolerance for the diversity of choral repertoire.

    We will explore various genres and styles including, but not limited to Jazz, Blues, Folk, Secular, Sacred, Spirituals, World Music, R&B, Musical Theater, Pop, Music, Hip-Hop, Country etc.

    Develop sensitivity toward musical text as it relates to meaning and emotional quality.

    Evaluate musical performances (recordings, live performances and students’ own performances).

    Demonstrate appropriate stage presence, proper performance and audience etiquette, and correct microphone technique.

    Participate in a variety of public performances in varying performance styles.

    Use synchronized movement/choreography in conjunction with vocal performance when appropriate.

    Acquire and apply sight reading and ear training skills.

    Recognize and read rhythms in various time signatures.

     Recognize and read rhythms of whole, half, dotted half, quarter, dotted quarter, and eighth notes and rests.

    Recognize and read melodies in various key signatures. 

    I look forward to teaching and learning!! Let's SING!!! 

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