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GA Milestone Dates

Georgia Milestones Testing Dates

Please make sure that your child is at school everyday during the testing dates, on time, well rested, and ready to test.

 April 19th - ELA Part I ( 5th grade)

April 20th - ELA Part II/III ( 5th grade)

April 21st - Malth ( 5th grade)

April 24th - Science ( 5th grade)

April 25th - SS ( 5th grade)

April 26th - ELA Part I ( 3rd grade)

April 27th - ELA Part II/III ( 3rd grade)

April 28th - Math ( 3rd grade)

May 1st - ELA Part I ( 4th grade)

May 2nd - ELA Part II/III ( 4th grade)

May 3rd - Math ( 4th grade)