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SES Plan on a Page for 2016-2017

School:        Stockbridge Elementary                                                                      Year: 2016-17

Beliefs and Mission


·         Life is a lifelong process.

  • Every child has a right to a safe, clean, secure, and disciplined learning environment.
  • Education is an active process in which students acquire knowledge in a variety of ways.
  • Appropriate social skills and good behavior are expectations for all.
  • Family and community partnerships are vital to student success.

Mission: The mission of Stockbridge Elementary School is to ensure that all children achieve their maximum potential, academically as well as socially.




The vision of Stockbridge Elementary School is to continue to Strive, Exceed and Succeed.





# 1 - Ensure that students who experience difficulty with regular, on-time school attendance, personal behavior or academic mastery of grade level standards are identified, monitored and given timely and effective assistance through competency based learning and the MTSS process.


#2 -  Each student will meet or exceed daily learning objectives and reach his/her academic potential.

Guiding Philosophy


Our guiding philosophy is to instill a love for learning and exploration in all children through experiential learning and individualized instruction. We have an inclusive school community that celebrates diversity and gives each child the confidence to contribute his or her unique gifts as they learn positive ways to engage and cooperate with each other for the common good of the group.  We will integrate the content with research-based teaching methods and a hands-on learning environment to encourage every individual child to reach his/her maximum potential.