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OKE Young Men of Distinction

Hello OKE Family, 

I was extremely proud of our Young Men of Distinction (YMD) this weekend. On Saturday morning they participated in an exceptional program by the name of Adopt-a-Road. The Adopt-a-Road program provides an avenue for individuals, organizations, or businesses to help maintain sections of roadside in a community. Our YMD helped to remove litter this weekend in a neighborhood in Stockbridge. As always, I am very grateful for the YMD committee members who constantly give of their time to help our YMD develop into the future leaders of society that we expect them to become. So thank you to both Coach Goff and Ms. Hunter who were there this weekend to model a great work ethic and integrity for the boys.  

I am also very proud to be a member of Global Impact Christian Ministries (GICM) located at 125 Red Oak Rd. in Stockbridge, Ga.  Under the leadership of Pastor Spencer O’Neal; GICM is constantly involved in reaching out to the community in a variety of ways. I was made aware of this program through our church and I am happy to be a part of a church that has a servant's heart. Learning to serve others is exactly the message that we are trying to instill in the minds of our YMD organization.
Last but certainly, not least I want to give a “shout out” to two City of Stockbridge Council Members; Ms. Neat Robinson and Mr. John Blount. Both were at the event on Saturday and provided leadership and encouragement to all involved. It is nice to see council members taking an active part in the growth and development of the community.  


Please continue to encourage our young men as they strive to become the fearless, responsible, and hard-working men of tomorrow. GOOOOOOOOOOOOO  OWLS!!       

Thank you,
Walter Shields
Principal Oakland Elementary School 
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