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Georgia Milestones Assessment

 Georgia Milestones Assessment Information

Testing Schedule

April 19- May 4, 2017 Georgia Milestones End of Grade Assessment (EOG)  in Language Arts (ELA), Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.
  •  April 19th: ELA Part I (5th Grade)
  • April 20th: ELA Parts II/III (5th Grade) 
  • April 21st: Math (5th Grade)
  • April 24th: Science (5th Grade)
  • April 25th: Social Studies (5th Grade)
  • April 26th: ELA Part I (3rd Grade)
  • April 27th: ELA Parts II/III (3rd Grade)
  • April 28th: Math (3rd Grade)
  • May 1st: ELA Part I (4th Grade)
  • May 2nd: ELA Parts II/III (4th Grade)
  • May 3rd: Math (4th Grade)
  • May 4th: Make- Up  (All Grades) 
Testing Practice:  Click on the link to experience Georgia Milestone testing online. This will allow students to practice using the tools that are available on the test. This link will only work in Google Chrome.