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Senior Letters


As a part of the Senior Festivities (which will be Tuesday May 23rd), we are continuing the tradition of Senior Letters.  Letters to seniors are written by parents, family, and friends.

The idea is that parents, family, friends, and teachers write letters about to graduating seniors, congratulating them, expressing their love and “proudness” of them, telling them how they’ve impacted their lives, giving them “life” advice, etc.  What is necessary is that you place each letter into its own envelope (or simply 3-fold the paper and seal) with the senior’s first and last name on the outside so that they are easy to sort. 

There will be boxes to turn in letters in the main office and room 221.  We would like to have them by Wednesday May 17th so we have plenty of time to sort them (nothing past Friday the 19thplease!).   All these letters are placed into a big envelope and given to each of the seniors on the 23rd.  

The students really love reading these letters and will keep them for years, so if you can find the time to participate, even with just of couple letters, it will be greatly appreciated.