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Do you notice symmetry?  Perhaps we all do, without even thinking of it.  I suppose that all matter is made up of small symmetries?  I know a little bit of basic Science- wow, there's a lot to learn out there...  Could we speak of symmetry when talking about statistics?  -"big data"?  However, I'm beginning to learn that, perhaps, we should not focus as much on normal distributions (possible exception: safety-&-related).  Could it be that we should merely focus on immediate surroundings?  " Socrates would have it, the only true knowledge is knowledge of one's own ignorance..." - The Dilettante, 2007
play chess online... ofig.org_jchess - 2014/15  (this year, jislonica is making ground on soup7)
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We have made our world a mess; let's clean it up (all the while, acknowledging the laws of thermodynamics).