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Welcome to the Union Grove High School Media Center!
Mission Statement:
We are committed to the ideals set forth in the 
Standards for the 21st-Century Learner. Our goal is to provide students, teachers, and administrators with the resources and services necessary to support the curriculum and to enable us all to become effective users of information and ideas.  We are continually working to improve and update our library services to better meet your needs.

Media Specialist: Dr. Tina Graham
Media Assistant:  Ms. Sarah Manning


Hours 7:50 am- 3:40 pm Monday-Friday

No passes needed before or after school

Pass are needed during class time and will be given out to students by teachers

Instructional Focus (IF) passes will be given out daily by the media staff 
(7:50 am-12
:02 pm)

Students may check out two books for two weeks

10¢ fine for every day book is late

10¢ to print or make a photocopy

No food or drink allowed

Last Modified on June 2, 2017