Welcome to the i-Piano Information Page
Did you know that it has been proven that children who to take piano lessons score higher in both math and reading.  That’s Right!!!!  The proven benefits of learning to play the piano include increased Self Esteem, Discipline, Learning Capacity, Concentration & Coordination. 

Here at Rock Spring Elementary we are excited to inform you that we will be participating in The i-Piano Team Lesson Pilot Program.  Imagine your child learning to play the piano along with their friends in a state of the art music lab complete with dozens of keyboards and laptops.  Each week the i-Piano Music Instructional Team will be teaching piano 1 hour lessons to our students immediately afterschool on Thursday.  This is the world’s only technology driven learning system designed to teach piano to elementary school students in groups as large as 75 students simultaneously.   

AT A LOW PRICE OF ONLY $45.00 PER MONTH YOUR CHILD WILL RECEIVE FOUR TEAM PIANO LESSONS PER MONTH AFTER DISMISSAL RIGHT HERE AT ROCK SPRING ELEMENTARY.  This means that you will not have to drive your child to yet another activity.   This is a great investment into your child’s life.

There is limited space and at a price of only $45.00 per month the class space will be quickly filled on a first come basis.  THE FIRST 1 HOUR LESSON WILL BE SEPTEMBER 10th at 2:35pm. 

To reserve your child’s space for a free trial piano lesson you can either fill out the pre-registration card your child brought home or register your child online at www.i-pianolessons.org . If you have not received a card please contact i-Piano at 1-888-678-4420 or register online at www.i-pianolessons.org. 

We know you will be pleased with the affordable and creative program offered here at our school.  Your children will enjoy the interactive lessons and a portion of the funds generated will go directly to our school as a fundraiser. 

We are so excited about what this opportunity means for our students.  We look forward to having your child participate in this phenomenal program.  Please take a moment to view the WSB-TV Channel 2 News featured story about the i-Piano Group Lesson Program which was piloted in Henry County, “Changing The Way Music Is Taught In Our Nation’s Schools” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nbP9z8OLYM