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Conducting Research in Henry County Schools


The Learning and Leadership Department supports educational research that produces fair, accurate and relevant information. We review requests on an individual basis to ensure that any research conducted does not compromise the privacy of our students, parents, or staff or disrupt the educational experience for students, teachers, and administrators.


Henry County Schools has established guidelines for the research approval process. Applications will be reviewed with respect to the district's goals and mission of ensuring success for each student. All research conducted in Henry County Schools must:

  • protect the rights and privacy of staff, students, and parents/guardians
  • not interfere with instructional time to the detriment of student learning
  • support continuous school system improvement goals

Employees seeking to conduct research within their own school as a requirement for a graduate course, should complete the Application to Conduct Action Research (School Level) and submit it to their principal (not to the district-level). These applications are reviewed by principals on an ongoing basis throughout the school year. Only the last page of this document needs to be submitted to Learning and Leadership Services.


Applicants seeking to conduct research as a requirement for a master's thesis or doctoral dissertation, should complete the Application to Conduct Research (District Level) and submit these documents to the office of Learning and Leadership Services for approval. 

Application Submission Window for District Approval (
Only complete applications will be reviewed)
 Application Received by

Response Provided by

June 30

September 1

July 31

October 1

August 31

November 1

September 30

December 1

October 31

January 15

November 30

February 15

December 15

March 1

January 31

April 15

February 28

May 7

March 30

June 1

April 30 

July 1

May 31

August 1



State and Local Policies

KEBA - Solicitation of Student Information

Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment


For additional questions, contact Lisa Orr, Elementary Programming Coordinator, Learning and Leadership Services
at or 770-957-7189.
Last Modified on April 23, 2015