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  • ****PBL resources: This is one is full of units that are completely free!

  • F&CS – Internet4Classrooms – Multitude of useful links and games.

  • Foreign Languages - Lingro: Kids can look up words or load Web pages and click on words that Lingro will translate.

  • Language Arts - Newsela: Newsela publishes daily news articles at 5 reading levels from grades 3–12 to drive gains in literacy.

  • Leadership - PD Choice Board (Link to Google Doc): Affords faculty choice in how best served professional development

  • Math - MathPlayground: Step by step videos show how to solve math problems from number properties to algebra.

  • Media Center - EasyBib: Automatic works cited and bibliography formatting for MLA, APA and Chicago/Turabian citation styles.

  • Music - Ultimate List of Online Music Games - Resource provides supportive games and activities to reinforce music concepts.

  • PE – Physical Education Update -  Physical Education Update shows you the secret tricks of the trade that help PE teachers improve sport technique, keep phys-ed classes fun, jazz up PE lesson plans, update your coaching, get kids fit.

  • Science - PhET Simulators -  Fun, interactive, research-based simulations of physical phenomena

  • Social Studies - FakeBook -  Use "Fakebook" to chart the plot of a book, the development of a character, a series of historical events, the debates and relationships between people, and so on!

  • Special Needs - MakeBeliefsComix - A useful resource in helping youngsters express themselves and communicate.
Last Modified on April 13, 2015