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Milestones Study Guide Resources for EOG assessments – intended to be a resource for parents and students, but could be a useful tool for teachers as they help students anticipate what types of questions they will encounter.

GA Milestones online testing experience including test practice…

 GA Milestones Test Blueprints EOG and EOC…so as teachers plan to review, they know what standards by subject to prioritize based on content weights…

 The following link contains a demonstration test for each of three grade bands – grades 3-5, grades 6-8, and high school – with sample items from each content area.  The primary purpose of this website is to provide exposure to the online platform that students will utilize when taking the Georgia Milestones tests.  The site also includes examples of ‘technology-enhanced’ items that will appear on this spring’s test.

Using a Chrome browser only, enter the following link to access the site: