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On December 9, 2015, Pleasant Grove Elementary became the first STEM-certified school in Henry County!  Please let us know if you have any unique skills or knowledge related to our areas of emphasis by contacting one or both of the following persons:  or

STEM Mission: PGE exposes students to STEM engineering with a focus on environmental studies in an effort to prepare students for college and career readiness.
Characteristics of the PGE STEM Program:

STEM Days-

  • STEM days are a monthly event here at PGE. The day begins with a school-wide assembly that focuses on an element of STEM education. Students then spend their day engaged in the engineering design process. 

STEM Units-

  • STEM Units- Teachers integrate one extended STEM unit in their class every semester. Students are given a challenge in which they have to use engineering design model and the current science and math standards to design an innovative solution to the problem. 
STEM Competitions-
  • STEM Competitions- Students have multiple opportunities to participate in school-wide, district, and state competitions throughout the year. These competitions range from Science Fairs to Robotics.

Science Lab-

  • Science Lab- Once a week, every student attends Science Lab as an elective. Students work on science content, and STEM projects that align with their current science standards or the school-wide project.

School-wide Project-

  • School-Wide Project- Each grade level is working on a yearlong project that focuses on conservation and environmental engineering. Evidence of student work can be found in our outdoor lab.
Summer Camp-
  • Summer Camp- Every summer PGE offers a STEM summer camp for students and children in the community.  Each summer students work and engineer a project that positively impacts the environment.


First Semester STEM Units

Kindergarten:    Rollercoaster - Math: Shapes; Science: Types of Motion

1st Grade:           Weather Instrument - Math: Counting; Science: Weather

2nd Grade:         Stomp Rocket - Math: Measurement; Science: Push and Pull

3rd Grade:          Water Filtration System - Math: Graphing; Science: Pollution

4th Grade:          Weather Station - Math: Measurement; Science: Weather

5th Grade:          Fishenstein - Math: Measurement; Science: DNA

Second Semester STEM Units

Kindergarten:    Monarchs - Math: Counting; Science: Living Organisms

1st Grade:           Magnetic Racecar - Math: Time; Science: Magnets

2nd Grade:         Hand Pollinator - Math: Graphing; Science: Living Organisms

3rd Grade:          Disappearing Frog - Math: Graphing; Science: Habitats

4th Grade:          Angry Birds Come to Life - Math: Angles; Science: Simple Machines

5th Grade:          Fishenstein - Math: 3D Shapes; Science: Electricity