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DES Yearbook Club! 

 **2016-2017 Yearbook Club applications will be available at the start of the upcoming school-year and will be due September 9, 2016.**
Contact Mr. Chatagnier for more information:
Teacher selected 4th and 5th grade students are participating in the club.  Club members are responsible for assisting in the creation of the DES yearbook; including taking photos, uploading photos, and creating yearbook pages.  Members will also assist in promoting sale of the yearbook by making posters, promoting the yearbook at school events, and writing a song for our morning announcements.

Purpose:   This is an exciting opportunity for students interested in publishing a yearbook.  Thre will be a very limited amount of space, so student will be chosen through a strict application process.  Students must exhibit a strong interest in photography and must meet strict deadlines as well as enjoy working and designing yearbook pages on the computer.