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   LMS Cheer

LMS 2016-2017 Basketball Cheerleading Squad:

Ashayla-Naomi Carr
Gaby Carrasquillo
Natalie Folds
Lacey Garcia
Kelsie Harriott
Niaomi Horton
D'Ariel Marshall
Aiyana Medina
Nala Mellon
Amaya Miller
Amyiah Mosely
Kameron Noble
Anya Pryor
Ansley Thompson
Masala Watkins
Kayla Woodall 
Cheer Camp 8-4 Saturday - Bring a lunch :)
***A complete physical and all paperwork must be signed and completed BEFORE tryouts begin. *** 
                               Dress For Tryouts:  
Athletic Shoes with support, White  t-Shirt (no print), black or navy shorts, no jewelry, hair must be up
Tryout Dance:
           1)go to youtube 
           2) 2016 UCA level 2 Try-out Dance by 8-counts
           3) LEARN THE DANCE BY 8 COUNTS!!!! 
            * after you learn it by 8 counts - try it with the                          music on the other links that show front and back                  views separately
Coach: Becca Maples 
Phone number: 678-583-8919