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The Henry County School system is utilizing a framework developed by the Georgia Department of Education, Response to Intervention (RtI); Student Achievement Pyramid of Interventions to develop a systematic approach to address the needs of diverse learners. RtI was implemented in Georgia to address the federal mandate to implement students' Response to Interventions, provide high-quality instruction, implement research/evidence based interventions to meet students' needs, monitor progress to make informed decisions about the efficacy of the interventions and to use response data to guide instruction.


Tier 1: Standards-Based Classroom Learning
Standards-based classrooms, differentiated instruction, universal screening and progress monitoring through assessments

Tier 2: Needs-Based Learning
Standard intervention protocol process for identifying and providing research/evidence-based interventions and on-going progress monitoring to guide decision making

Tier 3: Student Support Team (SST) Driven Learning
Intense formalized problem-solving model to identify student needs, use targeted research/evidence-based interventions and monitor progress

Tier 4: Specially-Designed Learning
Specially designed instruction, programs, and methodologies with greater frequency of progress monitoring