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Multi-Tier Student Support (MTSS)

The Henry County School System is utilizing the framework developed by the Georgia Department of Education, Response to Intervention (RTI): Student Achievement Pyramid of Interventions to develop a systemic approach to address the needs of diverse learners.

Response to Intervention is based on the concept of providing evidence-based instructional and behavioral strategies matched to student needs and monitoried on a frequent basis by highly qualified school staff members. The information gathered by this approach is used to make decisions regarding the student's educational program.

The goals of Pyramids of Intervention, Response to Intervention, and Student Support Teams is: 
  • To promote academic success for each student
  • To provide additional educational services when necessary
  • To increase parental involvement and awareness
  • To intervene early should learning needs arise

In order to address student needs, services and interventions based on Common Core Georgia Performance Standards, sound assessment practices, and research/evidence-based instructional pedagogy are practiced with fidelity. The four-tiered blended approach components are:

Tier 1: Standards-Based Classroom:
            Standards-based classrooms, differentiated instruction, universal screening and
             progress monitoring through assessments
Tier 2: Needs-Based Learning
             Standard intervention protocol process for identitying and providing research/
             evidence-based interventions and on-going monitoring to guide decision
Tier 3: MTSS Team Driven Learning
              Intense formalized problem-solving model to identify student needs, use
              targeted research/evidence-base interventions and monitor progress
Tier 4: Specially-Designed Learning
              Specially designed instruction, programs, and methodologies with greater
              frequency of progress monitoring

The Response to Intervention tiers are fluid, allowing students to move up or down the tiers on a continuum. The student's level of need dictates the tier of support. The actual length of time that an intervention is implemented depends on the student's response to interventions and the minimum requirements specified by the program or progress made by the student.

Last Modified on January 20, 2016