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Woodland Elementary PTO Officer Duties



· Preside over all general meetings of PTO

· Work with the Vice President to create PTO Committees

· Must play a leadership role for the board

· ThePresident will monitor the progress of all committees and volunteers

· Will oversee communication between the PTO and the school community

· Will coordinate all fundraising activities and communicate all information to the Board, Administration and Teachers

Vice President:

· Will perform President’s duties in the event of the President’s absence

· Responsible for coordinating PTO volunteer efforts

· Play a leadership role to volunteers

· Schedule volunteers for PTO functions



· Keep accurate record of all meetings of the PTO Board and general meetings

· Prepare meeting minutes and submit them for the addition to the PTO website

· Coordinate new membership information and maintain a record of all paid PTO members

· Will express in writing gratitude for donations from community businesses

· Will also provide the information to the website administrator to be placed on PTO website


· Will receive all monies for the organization

· Will make all deposits and withdrawals from bank account

· Will maintain accurate records of all financial transactions of bank account

 Hospitality Coordinator:

· Coordinates various receptions

-Back to School Breakfast for staff

-Staff Holiday Dessert

-Popcorn parties for students

-Any additional scheduled events throughout the school year

Room Parent Coordinator:
      · Work closely with teachers to assure communication with room parents;  Provide any needed information to room parents when              scheduled events are upcoming so that each teacher and class has the necessary help for these events.
Box Tops Coordinator:
        Oversee all aspects of the Box Tops Program.
        Promote the program thru flyers and mini contests to ensure a successful profit.
        Oversee all collecting, counting and submission of Box Tops by the required due dates.








Last Modified on September 9, 2014