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Welcome to Stockbridge High School's English Department Homepage
Here, you will find important links to resources that all teachers use in their daily instruction, teaching schedules and emails for all English teachers, and information regarding our department's new grading policy for personalized learning.
SHS Offers Students
-9th Grade Literature/Composition (General and Honors)
-World Literature/Composition (General and Honors)
-American Literature/Composition (General and Honors)
-British Literature/Composition (General and Honors)
-AP English Language and Composition
-AP English Literature and Composition 
2016-2017 English Department Directory 
Flashay Benford
World Literature/Composition, Reading
Sarah DeLoach
World Literature/Composition, American Literature and Composition
Lorien Glisson
9th Grade Literature/Composition Honors, British Literature/Composition,
British Literature/Composition Honors
Rebecca Mitchell
AP English Language and Composition, British Literature/Composition
Matthew Osborn
9th Grade Literature/Composition
Amina Rhodes
9th Grade Literature/Composition Honors, World Literature/Composition,
World Literature/Composition Honors
Leslie Sheffield
9th Grade Literature/Composition
Leona Walker
American Literature/Composition, World Literature/Composition,
British Literature/Composition
Joy Woodward (Hebert)
American Literature/Composition, American Literature/Composition Honors,
AP English Language and Composition
Last Modified on May 17, 2017